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software engineer fitness enthusiast comic nerd

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About Me

I’m a software engineer and former tax accountant who enjoys creating web applications using Javascript, React/Redux, and Ruby on Rails. I’m a pragmatic and logic-oriented person who likes finding solutions that makes processes more efficient.

Outside of coding, my hobbies include: indulging in everything Star Wars or Marvel, reading comics ("graphic novels"), attending comic conventions, traveling, going to the movies (and overanalyzing them), weightlifting, and rudimentary tinkering with electronics.






Ruby On Rails




Furry Friends

A pet adoption app built using React/Redux for the frontend, with a Ruby of Rails backend. The user is able to search through adoptable pets and view their details, photos, and shelter information.

Keyboard Frenzy

A typing game built using a vanilla Javascript, HTML, CSS frontend, with a Ruby of Rails backend.

Fit Buddy

A workout tracker site built using Ruby on Rails. The user can create, edit, and delete exercises and workouts, as well as publicly share their workouts or privatize them.

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